King's Collection

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The complete King's Collection!

Items within the chest include:

• 3 new lamps
• 2 new Ornate Tables
• 1 new bookcase
• 1 new Bell
• 4 types of sponges – the Barrel sponge will give you 5 random potions a day
• 5 new pictures – the Burning Man picture will give a .1 sot a week and the Sailing Ship will give 50 Power Charges a week
• 2 new tapestries
• 2 new poster beds

After purchased, please page a GM or go to our Discord and Direct Message Odin with your Account name, Character name, and Email Address and it will be delivered within 24 Hours. If you have a house, please indicate the house name and a gift box containing your item will be secured in plain view. If you go to our website, you can also do LIVE chat

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