New Updated VPS!!

Server Just Started 11/7/2020

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A Little About Us

Come and join the server and community that everyone has been talking about and joining recently! Major updates to the crafter have been released and customized craftables have been added with much more to come! This Ultima Online FreeShard server is made just for you!

Our community is always around via game, discord, or our forums to help with questions and gameplay. They are constantly uploading scrips and macros on the forums script section to help players advance in skill or anything else you might need or want! With over 30 people in our discord, help is always right around the corner!

Server Information

Total Of Accounts Per IP = 2

Total Of Houses Per Account = 2

Daily Rare's Rest Daily 

Server Goes Down For Reset Every Monday (5 AM EST)

Skill Cap = 1200

StatCap = 275 + Stat scrolls to 300!

Skill Vet Reward Bonus = 20 x 10 = 200 Extra Skill Points!

Vet Reward Point Every 10 Days!!

Pet Shrinking System!

Special Craftable Items!

Crafters Run The Game with The Crafting Runic Boost!

Town Invasions with Champ Spawn and Bosses!

Special Events and Event Items!

Wax Crafting!

UO Store is Active!

Webstore to purchase Items!

Amazing and Awesome Community!

Friendly Staff!

And so much more!!

  I've dedicated so many years to Ultima Online. I started out a cotton picker back in the year of 1997 in the lands of Chesapeake. After many moons of finding my chosen path, I decided to take my skills to the new lands of Great Lakes. In the year of 2005, I moved once again to my home of Atlantic. I spent many of my days and nights building a name for myself as the Great Crafter Guinness. I was sought by many to make the items to help defend and protect themselves.


  It was a little over a year ago that I decided that many of the people in my lands were poison and could not find a cure to help them. A few of us decided that it was time to let go of our once beloved lands and move on.


  It was then that I decided to work on New Beginnings. I wanted to see the world that I grew to love become it's glorified self, once again. The toxicity was gone and the relaxation became itself again. I now offer this land back to you. If you are looking for that sense of feeling again, then I offer you my Lands. This is the up to date version of UO and the calmness (other than that red that might kill you, but buy you a drink after) you remember. 


  I welcome you to New Beginnings. I have built a very customized Vet Reward system with great items within it. You also get skill boosts as well as time goes on. I have set it to give you 1 point per 10 days active for a Vet Reward. As more join, I will have Solo and Guild events every week with lots of great drops and even custom drops and custom monsters. I bring to you the old school feels with great rewards and a low income, but with a stable economy. We do allow donations to help with the upkeep of our VPS and website, but donations are optional and never required. I do have a webstore for purchasable items to help support us if you wish to not donate and get something for your buck!


                               Come one and all to New Beginnings!

This server is more dedicated to bringing the crafter back with newly added items to craft, beefed up runic crafted items, and so much more! This is also a server that is dedicated to its community and tries to take everyone's ideas and bring them to life while keeping the balance between easy and hard. If you are looking for a server that is more for the long haul and journey then you have come to the right place. 


This is not a hand out kind of server. You have to build your players up with a fairly normal skill gain system and a great vet reward system to let you get closer to the rewards without the years of playtime. We have a very nicely laid out Store page that helps get you some of the much-needed items to help get you on your way to crafting, fighting, or selling.  

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